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Helping Build Bridges to Indigenous Communities
Helping Build Bridges to Indigenous Communities


Effectively Reach, Communicate, and Advertise to Canadian Aboriginal Peoples

Since 1999, Aboriginal Link has been completely focused on developing tools to communicate with First Nations, Inuit, and Metis groups across Canada. We have developed a unique and diverse suite of measurable communication tools with a proven-track record of engaging Aboriginal Leaders, Decision-Makers, and Community Members for many of Canada’s largest Corporations and Government departments.

Aboriginal Link® builds awareness and community presence for our partners through various proprietary Community Outreach engagement tools. We use Direct Communications to place our partners materials directly into 28,000 Aboriginal Offices, both on and off reserve, using ‘preferred’ communications. Preferred communications are a combination of direct mail, direct email, and direct facsimile based on the recipient’s preference.

Delivering materials directly into Aboriginal offices where individuals work, live, learn, and play builds a community presence, establishes credibility and enhances brand awareness. We also target Indigenous individuals through an ‘opt-in’ database of more than 20,000 e-Subscribers, Social Media connectors including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and a network of Aboriginal focused websites.

Our partners benefit from our proprietary ‘responseTRAC’ tracking and reporting system. This system allows our clients to monitor, track, report, and calibrate campaigns in ‘real-time’ providing our customers the unique ability to make mid-stream course corrections anytime throughout the campaign, enhancing ROI. The responseTRAC tracking and reporting tools have changed the way many of Canada’s largest corporations, advertising agencies, and government departments administer, measure, and provide transparency for their marketing programs.

Aboriginal Link’s suite of engagement tools and services are a proven cost-effective and efficient outreach system that creates an excellent opportunity for organizations to establish their brand and to build community presence and to promote products and services.

Aboriginal Link® the Trusted Source.

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Unique ability to track campaign responses in ‘real-time’ to make course corrections anytime throughout the campaign. Learn more.


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